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Hi all,

  I came across this flower in my yard and have no idea what it is. It is beautiful and striking! I am hoping that by knowing what it is I can better care for it, or make it spread (or get more). I know there are now plant ID apps one can buy, and I’m sure I have a book or two that might help me narrow down the ID, but I am hoping I can throw it out to all you and get some feed back.


Info: These photos are taken first week of July at my home – Southern Vancouver Island. It is at the edge of the site I used to burn a bunch of firewood earlier this year – maybe it liked the fire. It is currently 3-4 feet tall.


Leaves are palm shaped, like a maple, and alternate off the stem, where a cluster of buds erupt into these magnificent flowers. It appears to be only the single stem, growing straight up. Because of where it is, it is likely a perennial. Soil is poor, dense and acidic, but may be rooted in rotten logs below the surface. It seems to be happy in full sunlight, although it would have spent several years in total shade.


Let me know what you think, and if you how grown them. If you have no idea, just enjoy the pictures as I have.

And if you’re having fun, try this guy.


I have seen it twice now. Once on a fallen log, now on the railing – full sun, midday.

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