Why I Hunt: A Canadian’s Perspective

Why I hunt: a Canadian’s perspective I like to hike. However, my version of “hiking” may be different from yours. Living on the West Coast means there are countless hills and mountains everywhere you look. To me, hiking means: to summit that mountain. Or, more specifically, to reach a destination and engage in a challenge... Continue Reading →

BC and the Pipeline

BC and the Pipeline Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just agreed to spend 4.5 billion dollars on horse-and-buggy infrastructure! Oops, I mean a pipeline - almost as obsolete. But don’t worry! We’ll reclaim the 4.5 billion dollars with economic boosts and job creation (primarily spill response jobs) by late 2086. Of course, long before then the... Continue Reading →

On the BC Teachers’ strike

  Here is a rant I posted on Facebook a few years ago. I am adding it to my blog because it represents me, opens the “politics” side of this blog, and because it was popular/controversial enough to get over 12,500 shares. Enjoy I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough. I’m a 31 year old firefighter,... Continue Reading →

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