David Spencer

Gardener / Hobby Farmer / Dad / Beneficial Insect specialist and producer / Firefighter / Educator

Welcome. This is a personal blog, mostly about my garden and about gardening in general. There is professional content and I link to my work, but the blog’s purpose is primarily to share gardening info. I have years of gardening experience, and unique experience and knowledge about plant pests and the beneficial insects or mites that eat them. It’s knowledge I apply to my garden and explain how to do the same in yours. I’m a former teacher and former career firefighter. I’m currently a volunteer firefighter and a producer of beneficial insects in Canada, which are sold all over the world. I’m proud of what I have done and what I currently do. My motivation is my family and their future, my inspiration is the complexity of nature and a desire to learn and apply, and my joy comes from sharing.

What I do:
  • Garden Organically
  • Teach gardening techniques
  • Muse an almost anything.
  • Talk about beer
  • Brew beer
  • Teach integration of beneficial insect for pest control
  • Have fun recording my gardening experiences

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