Best Friends for a Day

   I’m lucky; Lucky-enough to have very few regrets. But there is one that’s not quite a regret, but if I delve too deeply into analyzing its causal events and my actions, it may just be. Or, maybe it’s just a bit of bad-luck: Losing a friend. I met a friend through some casual friends... Continue Reading →

Why your Cannabis Bio-Control Program Failed.

Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to dismiss the fact that there is peer-reviewed research needed on the interaction between cannabis varietals and invertebrates. I have noticed, first-hand, some common cannabis-related factors that are limiting, or preventing the success of beneficial insects - and in some cases, even killing them. In most of these... Continue Reading →

Flower Identification

Hi all,   I came across this flower in my yard and have no idea what it is. It is beautiful and striking! I am hoping that by knowing what it is I can better care for it, or make it spread (or get more). I know there are now plant ID apps one can... Continue Reading →


Welcome to ”My Corner of the World,” where you will bear witness to hobbies, and events; ponder at exposure to my professional world(s);  and be enriched by thoughts and opinions. In short - this is me, take it how you like. Speaking of me, I’m Dave. Father, husband, vice-president of Applied BioNomics, volunteer firefighter, former... Continue Reading →

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