0A664D82-4324-4661-8546-32276749B617Welcome to ”My Corner of the World,” where you will bear witness to hobbies, and events; ponder at exposure to my professional world(s);  and be enriched by thoughts and opinions. In short – this is me, take it how you like.

Speaking of me, I’m Dave. Father, husband, vice-president of Applied BioNomics, volunteer firefighter, former high school teacher, former career firefighter, gardener, soccer player, dog owner, lover of the outdoors, British Columbian… among other things.

We are all unique and have something to share.

At the time of writing this I am currently employed as a firefighter in Vancouver, BC living with a pregnant wife, a two year old, and two large dogs in a small apartment. By the end of next month, I will live in North Saanich on Vancouver Island in my childhood home – with the same members of my family – volunteering as a firefighter and returning to Applied BioNomics – a biological pest control company.

This prospect of having more space, a second child, reconnecting with friends and family while returning to the corner of the world in which I grew up, has inspired me to write, express, intrigue, inspire and share in every way I can.

Once again, welcome.

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