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Sure, “farm-to-table” sounds like a hipster fad destined to find its way into the general vernacular of the old and uncool, but here at Spencer Brewing we’ve developed beer recipes using ingredients grown organically on-site at Full Circle Farm. When “farm-to-table” defines hand-harvesting grains and drinking it as beer few months later you can see why the term applies to Spencer Brewing.

To date, grains like barley, rye, corn and wheat have been grown and added to modified but traditional recipes like a cerveza, a wheat beer and an American lager. In equally delicious but far more adventurous brews we’ve added salal berries, Meyer Lemon, coriander, and pumpkin. We even grow our own Willamette, Nugget and Goldings hops. Fresh-hopped beers? You betcha.

While brewing and beer has always been an enjoyment of mine, Spencer Brewing developed only recently, in 2019, after moving to its current site. Here, craft breweries are few and far between, and I felt like I needed a flight of tasty options more often than during a planned visit to the big city. So, I immediately set up a space to maintain four beers on tap with a fermentation room and a lagering fridge and poured myself a flight of delicious home-brew. Soon after, the space opened up to friends and family to enjoy fresh and excellent beers.

My brewing philosophy is simple: classic, commonly-enjoyed styles with local ingredients. If you like a good porter, I’ve got it. You’re a lager lover? I’ve got you covered. Want an IPA from back when IPA stood for India Pale Ale and was loaded with subtle-flavoured hops? I do that too. But no one comes to Spencer Brewing looking for an experimental surprise, just good beer.

I’ve added Spencer Brewing to the Full Circle Farm website to share some of the brewing information I have disseminated from nearly every brewing publication and forum. If you’re interested in what’s on tap and what’s on deck, check-out our regularly updated Facebook page here. “How-to’s” and “Walk-throughs” will be on YouTube soon, and in the meantime, if you’re a regular, evaluate my beers on the app “untapped.”

Thanks for visiting.

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