Photos – Year over Year

Typically, I write something then illustrate with photos. Here, I just decided to show each crop and how it looks compared to last year. My annuals rotate and some of the varieties and arrangements have changed, but you’ll get the idea.

First photo of each will be last year.


Perennial 1. Blueberries.

Not much going on here. Plants have struggled both years. A few berries last year (eat by birds). Nearly none developing this year. New growth is limited to growing tips, no new canes.


Perennial 2. Raspberries.

Last year, these poppies shaded the blueberries and didn’t help. Now, we’re getting somewhere.


Perennial 3. Strawberries.

Obviously, perennials continue to grow.


Perennial 4. Asparagus.

Hard to see here, but last year I interplanted with chickpeas. They took over. I was surprised to see the asparagus still below them after harvest. Again. This will take a few yeas.

Perennial 6. Flowers East.

There is a flowers West bed as well. Not much to say about these. Two other perennial beds have fruit trees and are planted with various other plants. No point in comparison.

Yellow Corn:

Without an explanation here, you’d have no idea what is going on. Last year’s photo is poor, but shows some healthy looking corn. There is corn in this years photo too….but you maybe can’t see it. I just decided to put amaranth in there to at least use the space. The corn is suffering from being in a cooler, slightly shaded bed, with native, unaltered soil – which sucks.

Ornamental Corn:

A better comparison. Both these beds have imported peat-based soil. Last year’s colour looks better, and that may be nutrient availability, or temperature.

Brassica 1:

I hate this.


Brassica 2:

And this.



Tried the edible mustards. They (in foreground of new photo) are starting to bolt too.



Obviously, I planted the amaranth far to close together last year. I started it in pots this year. I’m surprised to see how “full” the spinach looked last year, as opposed to this year.


Pretty much on par, I think. Last year I planted too much, and it was sort of wasteful. This year, I added sunflowers throughout, and some earlier crops in the beet family.



Only part of this crop was peas last year. Now, it is nearly the entire bed. We’re a ways behind, but I had to replant the peas three times this year.

Onion, Celery:

Not far off.

Cherry Tomatoes

Also, ok. Maybe there is some pale colouration in this years. Could be the wheat is sucking up a lot of nutrients.


Roma Tomatoes

Hard to see the tomatoes “through the trees” in this years’ photo. Similar size, darker colour last year. A bit “leggy” this year as well. Of course, I still don’t know if my “Roma” are actually my Cherry tomatoes, and vice versa. When my greenhouse flipped during a storm this winter I lost track of all my veggies.


Again, most interesting is the change in colour. I’m hoping it is temperature and not nutrients. What is most interested is the grass. Both have “winter rye”. This years is almost finished. Last years hadn’t flowered yet?


It’s a rough start to the year. We had broccoli that established us as a road-side stand. I even had neighbours knocking on the door to find out if I had more. People came to marvel at my 18′ high yellow corn (and drink the Mexican Cerveza I made from it). They will be disappointed. Cherry tomatoes were a regular stand item, and unless that picks-up we’ll have more disappointment coming. Otherwise, looks like strawberries and raspberries will be successful. And the garlic (not pictured) is better planned and may be a sale-able item….although I tend to keep anything that will store. I have 40 or more pepper plants that I’m hoping I’ll be able to ID before I plant and sell the rest. They also were mixed in the topped greenhouse event. But I’m hoping to get Bell, jalapeño, poblano and chilis….enough for me and to share. Hopefully the weather turns and I post some happy produce pictures soon!

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