How to control Wireworms

What an absolute disaster! Wireworms can be so damaging that even the most experienced grower can be throwing their hands up in defeat. However, they are manageable, and below is what you need to know to control wireworms. Wireworms are one of my "Covid Pest Series." These are pests that have become a growing concern... Continue Reading →

Photos – Year over Year

Typically, I write something then illustrate with photos. Here, I just decided to show each crop and how it looks compared to last year. My annuals rotate and some of the varieties and arrangements have changed, but you'll get the idea. First photo of each will be last year.   Perennial 1. Blueberries. Not much... Continue Reading →

Best Friends for a Day

   I’m lucky; Lucky-enough to have very few regrets. But there is one that’s not quite a regret, but if I delve too deeply into analyzing its causal events and my actions, it may just be. Or, maybe it’s just a bit of bad-luck: Losing a friend. I met a friend through some casual friends... Continue Reading →

Almost done – raised beds, cleared property

I’m almost done. This project has been insane…maybe literally. I just figured I was following a vision, but it wan’t until the reactions from friends and family when they came to help me this weekend that I first realized that lots of ‘crazies’ are ‘following a vision.’ However, rest assured that what sets us apart... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Traffic

Vancouver Traffic: The problem and solutions: This is a daily annoyance for hundreds of thousands of people. The causes of this problem are plentiful but the origins are basic: One, when you have a city on the water, and doubly when it’s against the mountains, the geography is detrimental to most solutions. For example there... Continue Reading →

Dear Vancouver – Sorry to Leave

Dear Vancouver, It is with great pain that I leave you. While with you I gained a wife, a child, a mortgage and a low-level dependency on alcohol. I explored your mountains and your waters, your culture and your secrets. I strolled through parks and neighborhoods and rushed hurriedly through your Downtown East Side. I’ve... Continue Reading →

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