Almost done – raised beds, cleared property

I’m almost done. This project has been insane…maybe literally. I just figured I was following a vision, but it wan’t until the reactions from friends and family when they came to help me this weekend that I first realized that lots of ‘crazies’ are ‘following a vision.’ However, rest assured that what sets us apart... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Traffic

Vancouver Traffic: The problem and solutions: This is a daily annoyance for hundreds of thousands of people. The causes of this problem are plentiful but the origins are basic: One, when you have a city on the water, and doubly when it’s against the mountains, the geography is detrimental to most solutions. For example there... Continue Reading →

Dear Vancouver – Sorry to Leave

Dear Vancouver, It is with great pain that I leave you. While with you I gained a wife, a child, a mortgage and a low-level dependency on alcohol. I explored your mountains and your waters, your culture and your secrets. I strolled through parks and neighborhoods and rushed hurriedly through your Downtown East Side. I’ve... Continue Reading →

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