Clearing the property – Part II

It was a warm and sunny weekend on the coast. Adding to the sound of lawnmowers, and pleasure aircraft was me clipping, chopping and sawing away at the thick brush. What started off as a 3 degree morning and me in three layers quickly transitioned into a 12 degree day and I in a t-shirt and jeans. By noon I had chatted up the neighbours, paused to see my progress, and remembered how much I loved being in the garden…..if I can yet call it a garden. IMG_8256What you probably can’t see in this photo is that almost all the bush has been cut. It is piled-up and does not look tidy, but I promise, a considerable amount of work has been done. I used long-handled clippers for most of the work, and a bow-saw for branches too thick for the clippers. I saved the big stuff for power tools.

Before I wrecked the chain on my chain saw I managed to drop a few trees. Here is the view looking southwest before and after:

Finally! That view of the ocean again. While the next series of photos shows a difference in seasons more than the work, I won’t say much about the “progress”. You’re just going to have to trust me.

Next on the agenda is a new chainsaw chain, a bon fire, some stronger gloves and a whole lot of raking. It seems appropriate to clear totally before planting anything, because it’s nice to start with a blank canvas, but I will likely begin to measure and stake out some beds and at least get my perrenials into happier homes.

See you soon. Happy gardening everyone!

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