Clearing the property – part I

So here we go! It’s March 3rd, 2018 and I have actually done enough to show you some progress. While I wish ‘progress’ meant the construction of, at least, the first garden bed, it actually means fencing in the dogs, so I can develop the perimeter first. 0AE93690-8924-44AA-9D57-F8192A7B2232.jpegMy plan is this:
1. Clear the perimeter.
2. Remove trees which, in their removal, will interfere with the perimeter.
3. Build perimeter beds and compost bins
4. Do the rest.
I think the construction of compost bins and the rental of a chipper will mean the rest goes more smoothly. As it is already March, I am essentially forfeiting the spring growing season and by not even seeding summer crops, it means I will spend more or plant less this summer. It’s a bummer – but realistically, I never anticipated getting this all done in one go.

Here’s the fun bit: On the western side of the back yard, I am battling with Himalayan BlackBerry (A plant I love for 2 months of the year, and hate for the rest); English Ivy, which is an invasive species and incredibly pervasive; and the natural, wild rose. Each of these tangle, and climb from ground level to upper canopy. On the Eastern side, I am dealing with a more native problem; the lack of those mentioned above means an under developed ground floor, and the prevalence of western Maple, and snow berry. Each are easy to control but sooo difficult to remove.
On one side of the property, I took remaining fence structures and sealed the gate. The other I build a temporary fence.

I found a missing panel on the east side of the fence and cleared it and patched with deer fence; On the west side, I replaced the old broken-down wood fence with metal t-posts and deer fencing…again temporary. If it keeps my dogs in, I’m happy.
I should mention the deer problem – on Vancouver Island – in the south, predators are nearly non-existent. The deer populations run a muck. There is enough land for all of us to get by, but of course, you need to protect your most tasty plants. Months ago, when I knew I would move here, I began first by moving my plants. As I had attempted successive planting within each pot, I had poppies and plants of the brassicas family in nearly every pot. All of the Kale and Cabbages have been eaten by deer. So the fence serves to keep them out. Here is how some of the happier ones look:DD653F5B-E82D-4DE8-8A35-FEB6884F3A0D.jpeg

In the coming weeks, I will finish “taking down” the bush. This means, cutting in place. Once that is done, I will “clear the perimeter” and begin composting the ‘taken-down’ bush.

See you in a few.

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