Clearing the property – part I

So here we go! It’s March 3rd, 2018 and I have actually done enough to show you some progress. While I wish ‘progress’ meant the construction of, at least, the first garden bed, it actually means fencing in the dogs, so I can develop the perimeter first. My plan is this: 1. Clear the perimeter.... Continue Reading →

BioControl Strategy for Cannabis

  BioControl Strategy for Cannabis From The National Government of Canada is scheduled to legalize recreational marijuana use and distribution later in 2018. Each Canadian Province retains the right to manage the distribution, availability and possession rules. Recently, British Columbia has announced its strategy for the legalization of ‘pot’. So, I wanted to remind... Continue Reading →

Aphid Control in a Garden

How to control aphids in your home garden No gardener exists that isn’t familiar with aphids. But few gardeners achieve effective control of these pests. I can help. Important information about aphids: Aphids do best when temperatures increase, but humidity remains high - most often in the spring. They are phloem-feeders, meaning they use mouth... Continue Reading →

On the BC Teachers’ strike

  Here is a rant I posted on Facebook a few years ago. I am adding it to my blog because it represents me, opens the “politics” side of this blog, and because it was popular/controversial enough to get over 12,500 shares. Enjoy I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough. I’m a 31 year old firefighter,... Continue Reading →

My Garden Plan

This is the dream. But..... It’s January. It’s Vancouver. That’s my deconstructed deck, with plants removed. And, what may be hard to see.. that is sleet coming down. Wife and baby are sleeping - so in the quiet and dark of winter, it’s time to plan my garden! I will take you through the design... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Traffic

Vancouver Traffic: The problem and solutions: This is a daily annoyance for hundreds of thousands of people. The causes of this problem are plentiful but the origins are basic: One, when you have a city on the water, and doubly when it’s against the mountains, the geography is detrimental to most solutions. For example there... Continue Reading →

Dear Vancouver – Sorry to Leave

Dear Vancouver, It is with great pain that I leave you. While with you I gained a wife, a child, a mortgage and a low-level dependency on alcohol. I explored your mountains and your waters, your culture and your secrets. I strolled through parks and neighborhoods and rushed hurriedly through your Downtown East Side. I’ve... Continue Reading →

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