How to control the Coreopsis Beetle

Control of the coreopsis beetle is a multi-step process. First, get rid of the adults, and then prepare for the damaging larva left behind. This article explores non-toxic methods of coreopsis beetle control.

How to control Wireworms

What an absolute disaster! Wireworms can be so damaging that even the most experienced grower can be throwing their hands up in defeat. However, they are manageable, and below is what you need to know to control wireworms. Wireworms are one of my "Covid Pest Series." These are pests that have become a growing concern... Continue Reading →

Garden Update: June 1 (week 23)

As promised: A thorough update of what's going on in the garden Days have been low 20's or high teens with lots of cloud and little bits of rain. Generally, good growing conditions. Plant growth is noticeable day over day right now, and that generally continues for another month until the low humidity kicks in... Continue Reading →

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